The Various Advantages of Sublimation Printing in Clothes Manufacturing

Sublimation printing is a process by which high quality photo images, graphics, striking patterns and text messages can be imprinted on your garments. A special form of sublimation ink is used to create sublimation clothing, wherein the ink is imprinted into the clothing using a heat press system. The ink is first changed into gas without passing through the liquid phase, which then passes through the polymer fibers as it comes into contact with them. The dye then permanently settles on the fabric.

To create dye sublimation shirts, it is necessary that the fabric that is used is polymer coated or polymer based. This type of printing is not advised on cotton fabrics as the paint will soon get smudged after a couple of washes. There are a number of distinct advantages of this form of printing, which are

discussed below in brief:

A) This form of printing allows one to print color images on the surface of the clothing with polymer coating; the results are known for their impeccable finishing.

B)The process of sublimation printing is quite easy to master and improve, which is why it has now turned into a widely used method of creating attractive clothing.

C)This form of printing also allows the printer to use a whole spectrum of colors.

D)Sublimation is also a method that is widely used for making sports clothes and apparels. Both custom as well as mass produced designs are made with this printing process.

E)The costs involved in printing one single product is the same as printing thousand different products, which is why one does not have to place order for bulk amounts. So whether you are looking to create a custom t-shirt for yourself or promotional items for your business, the costs are always under control.

F)This printing method renders excellent customization capabilities to users.

At present, there are numerous dealers who can present you with high quality wholesale custom t shirts in attractive sublimation printing methods. You can place an order for your custom sublimated printed t shirt with them and receive your product on the same day itself.