Never-Heard-Before Sublimated Flannel Shirt Outfit Ideas for Every Fashion-Forward Woman

Sublimated flannel shirts are so in these days. Be it men, women, or kids, they are loved by one and all. The prime reason behind this? It’s the eye-gripping patterns and the rich colors.

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Are you a fashion-forward woman looking for some interesting and refreshing sublimated flannel shirt outfit ideas? Read on!

Oversized Sublimated Flannel Shirt, Sweatpants, Strappy Heels

Do you love an oversized look? Go all out with an oversized sublimated flannel shirt and loose sweatpants. Make a basic white tee your base layer, throw on an oversized multi-colored sublimated flannel shirt on top, and combine them with solid-colored sweatpants. Keep the shirt unbuttoned. To give it a charming twist, replace the sneakers with your strappy heels.

Green-Mauve Sublimated Flannel Shirt, Turtleneck Sweater, Wide-Legged Trousers, Chunky Sneakers

If you want to look the prettiest this winter, then you have to try this one for sure. Wear a lightweight pale blue turtleneck sweater and layer it with a green and mauve sublimated flannel shirt. As for the bottoms, slip on a pair of mauve wide-legged trousers. For the finishing touch, put on chunky sneakers and your coolest aviators.

Long, Oversized Sublimated Flannel Shirt, Varsity Jacket, Thigh-High Boots

A winter look that is sexy and hot as hell is a sublimated flannel shirt plus varsity jacket plus thigh-high boots combination. To achieve this look, you need to start with an oversized, long sublimated flannel shirt, followed by a roomy varsity jacket. The thigh-high boots will double up as pants. To take it up a notch, carry a structured tote bag.

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