Features Of A Quality Fishing Shirt


wholesale sublimated fishing shirts

A quality fishing shirt can fit you like a glove and offer you the freedom to move comfortably, quickly, and with style. Wearing it and achieving your biggest catch can double the happiness. However, it can be a bit of a challenge to find a quality fishing shirt.

So, how to find the one from wholesale fishing shirts?

It will have these 3 prime features:

UV Protection

Sun protection is crucial when you need to spend long days on the boat or when you are simply lounging on the dock. A quality fishing shirt would be crafted with UPF 50 material as it helps in blocking 98% of the harmful UV rays. Are you expecting a rough ride? Make sure to find a shirt that maintains its UV rating even when wet. It will be great if your sun-protective fishing shirt can also keep you calm and composed while navigating unpredictable waters, don’t you think?


A good fishing shirt will always be crafted out of a lightweight fabric, therefore letting you react quickly and move efficiently without being all sweaty. The best performance fishing shirts are constructed with microfiber which comprises a synthetic polyester blend as well. Lightweight microfiber blends make fishing more comfortable by enhancing the sweat-wicking and breathability properties. A reputed sublimated apparel manufacturer brings an enormous assemblage of lightweight wholesale fishing apparel!

Performance Stitching

Sometimes referred to as reinforced athletic stitching, performance stitching makes fishing shirts stretchier and stronger while reducing the discomfort of fabric rubbing against the skin. Other athletic designs such as a hood to maximize protection against UV rays, long sleeves for protection against summer heat, multiple pockets to store loose fishing bait and gear, and vented mesh panels to keep the air flowing might also be sewn into the material of a performance fishing shirt.

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