Innovative Patterns made by Sublimated T-Shirts Supplier

With the advent of sublimation in the textile industry, there has been a huge demand of sublimated t-shirts supplier. Sublimation is a newer process of printing which has several advantages over the conventional methods like screen printing. Screen printing involves a layer of print being stuck on the material whereas in sublimation the dye gets converted into vapor form first and thereby gets absorbed by the fabric. This way the color and print of the fabric comes out to be better. Since the dye becomes a part of the fabric, the color does not fade or flake on repeated use like the screen printed ones. This makes clothes made by this procedure durable. Therefore sublimation t-shirts have become very popular among customers. These are indeed very comfortable, durable and nice to look. So let’s check out some of the ways in which these t-shirts can be made to look even better.

Wild life prints

T-shirts with a full image print on the front looks amazing. In this also, if the images are exotic, its adds life to the t-shirt. So the picture of a Royal Bengal Tiger roaring would definitely look excellent with the superb colors of dye sublimation. Such images can also carry messages like ‘Save the Tiger’ which will add social value to these t-shirts.

With funky one liners

Your t-shirt can carry funky one liners that can be humorous or have a social meaning to generate awareness. It could be funky like ‘I’m single and ready to mingle’ or it could be just a simple message like ‘smile please’.

Personalized t-shirts
Thinking of what to gift your spouse for the wedding anniversary or birthday? Well, you can get the image of spouse only or a couple photo printed on the t-shirt. It would make for a lovely and thoughtful personalized gift.If you interested in buying these t-shirts in bulk, then its best to look for sublimated t-shirts supplier as they can provide you with shirts at reasonable prices.