Choose the right singlets to look stunning in the gym

Previously, singlets were used in wrestling. A singlet is a one-piece, tight-fitting, colored uniform, usually made of spandex/lycra, or nylon, used in amateur wrestling. But now singlets are used by gym and fitness enthusiasts. These are comfortable and cozy for active actions.

Sublimated singlets : the new age running uniform

With the passage of time, there are some of the new trends in singlets, like sublimated singlet. These 3D printed singlets look class apart and quirky suiting the uptown fashion. Sublimation in the new era of creativity is an endothermic phase transition that occurs at temperatures and pressures below a substance's triple point in its phase diagram.

Things to consider before choosing the right sublimated running singlets

First up is fit
As a general rule, the singlet needs to have a snug fit that doesn’t allow for sag or excess fabric, anything an opponent could grab onto. Choose your size based on your chest size, as you would do for a T-shirt. If you’re a medium T-shirt, you’d be a medium singlet and so forth. And don’t worry about the singlet looking too small before you try it on–today’s high-tech fabric blends are designed to stretch to your body’s shape, giving you that snug fit and comfort you’re after.

Choosing the right fabric
The fabric for the singlets should be of utmost importance. Look for a resilient fabric that will keep its stretch, retain color, and–most importantly–breathe while you wear it, so stay with a blend around 80% nylon, 20% elastic.


Today singlets come in a variety of cuts and styles. The three main cuts include, full cut, which resembles a tank top and boxer briefs in one; the FILA cut, which is similar to a full cut but with larger arm openings, and the low-cut, which is open on the front, sides and back, and resembles a boxer briefs with suspenders attached. For wrestling matches, wrestling regulation most likely requires the typical full coverage, but the FILA cut and low-cut varieties are ideal for practice. Plus, less coverage means you stay cooler. Along with these for normal running or daily workout sessions sublimated singlets are high on demand.