T-shirts With a Twist: All About The Sublimation Print:

We all have heard much about sublimation in the last few years. It has truly revolutionized the textile industry with its modernity and vibrancy. On the runway, onto the streets, sublimated t shits are everywhere. There has been clear indication that the use of high-tech inkjet has contributed to their popularity, but there is much more to it, below the surface. Want to know what? Keep reading then.
sublimation t shirts

The graphics are permanent

Dye sublimation is a process where heat is used to transfer the ink onto the fabric. This makes it pretty permanent. The graphic doesn’t peel off even after repeated wash. So use them on any apparel, they can endure extreme wear and tear. Their long life is one of the advantages that they enjoy.

They stand out

The vitality of the sublimated t-shirts is too hard to ignore. The vivacity of the colors and the bright textures of the prints and patterns make them stand out. So wear them with a pair of jeans or skirt, the sublimated tshirts will seldom be the star item of the ensemble.

They are economic

Another contributing factor to their popularity is that they are cheap and reasonable. Once you invest in a sublimated tee, you know that it is going to survive for quite some time. So you only have to buy it once in a while. Their durability makes them easy on the pocket. No wonder, the perennially broke millennial crowd loves them.
They are comfortable. They are smart. They are stylish. They are cheap. In conclusion, it can be said that sublimated t-shirts are every fashion forward youths dream come true. If you want to purchase custom sublimated shirts and t-shirts for your store collection, then you can check the massive inventory of prominent manufacturers. Discounts are available on bulk purchase.