Polo Shirt Designs That Are Perfect For Summer

The polo shirt is the classier version of the basic t-shirt. These are made to be worn for summer. Just like winter has its own signature apparel, hoodie. Similarly, summer boasts of the iconic clothing, the polo shirt. Initially people adorned the monochromatic versions which were popular for the low-key aspect. But now with sublimation printing being introduced in the fashion realm, the polo shirts are also being experimented with. Hence you can find an entire range of clothing that has funky design variants that will appeal to the diverse base of customers. Thus, read on to know about the polo shirt designs you should invest in.

custom sublimated polo shirts

Black and white cityscape

For those who have a special adherence to the urban style, can find their soul style in the black and white cityscape design. It is dual toned yet packed in a lot of depth due to the interesting city silhouette print. You can also find many customised pieces according to the city you live in. Hence it will be a great addition to your wardrobe especially if you love to travel. 

Vintage paisley design

The teardrop motif is a classic in its own right. No wonder the polo shirt in the same design is a bestseller. Sometimes men like to wear softer tones that are devoid of any loud patterns or colours. Hence, in this case the paisley is the best thing you can wear for the summer. The light shade of the shirt is also soothing for the eyes.

Retro prints

The golden age of 70's to 80's were considered as the most appreciated retro era. Modern designers are also incorporating these designs in their clothing to appeal to the larger audience. Thus, select polo shirts that are designed with using retro prints should be in your must-have list.

Comic relief

The comic prints are a great relief from the same old usual tacky designs that the polo shirts are mostly found with. From aquaman to green lantern to even flash and wonder woman. You can find the largest assemblage of polo shirts that has the best marvel and DC designs.

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