Why Sublimation is Better When It Comes To Custom Sports Apparel And Team Uniforms

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The graphics and images are imprinted on exclusive paper placed on the clothing and heat are applied, letting the ink to become part of the material. This will leave you with an additional breathable, smooth-hand feel to the material. The amazing part is that the graphics, letters, and numbers do not wear, peel off or come out when you wash it.

The process of sublimation is great as it allows for all-over, full color, vibrant prints.

What are the benefits of sublimation

  • Sublimation printing never runs out of fashion. As sublimated uniforms are custom made, there is no need to be anxious about a uniform being terminated in the subsequent season. It is also pretty simple to reorder one from popular manufacturers of sublimation shirts canada in the future.
  • Develop your clothing by incorporating a heat transfer like foil, hot fix glitter or rhinestones.
  • Sublimation print will not fade, peel or crack.
  • You can't feel the emboss at all, gives the material a smooth feel.
  • The knack to make intricate all-over emboss patterns on the front and back of your sublimated uniforms.
  • Produces bright shades, making it ideal for vivid images.
  • Unlimited shades with no extra cost.
Sublimation printing is the economical and most effective way to manufacture a full shade print on polyester. Other procedures such as embroidery, heat transfer or screen printing do not have a similar impact and are more costly, take longer or do not have the same preferred impact. Sublimation is also an environmentally friendly alternative in the field of printing.

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