How To Take Care Of Your Sports Jerseys?

Sublimated Jerseys

Do you remember when you got your first jersey? The feeling must have been enthralling. An outfit to play your favorite sports with your name and code engraved on the back. Most of us have had been through this stage, when our beloved jerseys were a prized possession, we cannot do without. No wonder, one of the renowned dye sublimation jerseys suppliers, have come up with a unique collection available for retail customization. Meanwhile, let’s read on the blog, how to take care of your beloved jerseys. 

How To Wash Jersey

Wash jersey using a cool water temperature, as long as the fabric is not heavily stained. Don’t over-fill the washing machine with more clothes, as this will cause more creases in your clothes and they won’t be cleaned as effectively. Turn embellished or patterned garments inside out and try to avoid mixing bright colors and whites in the wash. 

How To Dry Jersey

It is better not to use a tumble dryer as this can make the fabric shrink. The best way is to gently pull your garment into the correct shape and then dry it flat. Put t-shirts on clothes hangers and then hang them on the line, as this will also help to remove creases.

Mending Jersey

As jersey is a stretch fabric, it is best to use a stretch stitch with a matching thread to mend it. There is a method of embroidering called swiss darning, which looks like a knitted stitch.You can also stitch up small holes, working across the hole on the back of the fabric using small stitches and a matching thread. Be careful not to pull your stitches too tightly, as this will make the fabric pucker.

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