What Exactly Is Sublimation Printing In The Fashion Industry

Dye-sublimation printing is a type of digital printing. It is applied in the printing of polyester or other synthetic materials. For printing on garments, banners, table coverings, id cards, and flags, large format inkjet printers with specially formulated inks are utilized.

The pictures are first printed on coated heat-resistant transfer paper as a reverse version of the final design, which is then transferred onto polyester fabric in a heat press set to 180 to 210 degrees Celsius.

The sublimation technique produces a practically permanent, high-resolution, full-color print that may be washed without affecting the image's clarity. Under normal conditions, the prints on wholesale sublimation clothing will not break, fade, or peel off the substrate since the dyes are infused into the substrate at the molecular level rather than applied topically.

Advantages of dye-sublimation over conventional textile printing methods:

- The picture can be printed around the item, with no problems printing to the edges.

- Photographic-quality continuous tones may be obtained without the need for specialized processes such as half-screen printing.

- Colors can be extremely vibrant due to the dye's adhering to the translucent strands of the synthetic fabric.

- Dye does not accumulate on the cloth.

- The images are permanent and will not peel or fade over time.

Sublimation textile printing - on rolls or sheets of polyester material - is mostly utilized in the following sorts of clothing:

Casual and streetwear fashion

Women's and men's clothing: suit lining, dresses, skirts, long sleeves, trousers, swimsuits, shirts, ties, bikini, shorts, tank tops

Sport gear

Sport and exercise equipment for both men and women: tracksuits, base layers, shorts, t-shirts for all sports - hockey, cycling, racing, baseball, swimming, tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, and many more.

Promotional items

Shorts, tees, banners, flags, pillows, hats, caps, bags, bathing accessories, towels, tops, tanks, t-shirts, textile bags, aprons, etc.

Interior ideas

Bedroom sleeping sheets from microfiber, umbrellas, tents, bathing towels, curtains, carpets, pictures, chair wrappings, table sheets, decorative pillows, etc. 

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