Tips for Dressing up Your Oversized Flannel Shirts

 Adding an oversized flannel to your wardrobe is a fun and comforting way to liven up your look. You may wear it buttoned up, open, or layered on top of other pieces—the options are unlimited! We've selected a few unique ways to wear your large flannel shirt to appear smart and classy every time you leave the house.

Make your flannel stand out with a monochrome ensemble

This is a simple, daily style that you can put together in minutes. Put on an all-black outfit, and then throw on your flannel. Underneath an oversized flannel shirt, jeans and a T-shirt always look amazing. You may either button your flannel or leave it undone to show off your shirt. Wear black torn jeans for a little edginess.

For a playful contrast, layer a patterned shirt over your flannel

This attire may take you to the next level if you're feeling daring. Please put on your flannel, button it up, and layer on a polka dot or striped shirt. Instead of a jacket, consider a sweater vest for a more modern style. Combine this look with skinny jeans and heeled boots. To complete the appearance, add a pair of huge sunglasses.

To keep warm, layer a flannel over a hoodie

When you have nothing to wear, this is a simple ensemble to pull together. Put on a hoodie, and then layer on your flannel for a stylish look. To complete your look, wear a pair of joggers or tattered jeans on the bottom. To complete the look, use a pair of sneakers or Chelsea boots. Put on a baseball cap to make this seem even more relaxed.

Tuck your oversized flannel into mom jeans for a laid-back look

This style is appropriate for going out to lunch or hanging out with pals. Tuck your flannel into the waistband of a pair of high-waisted, straight-leg jeans to define your body. With a pair of sneakers, you may keep this outfit casual or go for a more streetwear vibe with some heeled boots. Accessorize with a fanny bag or tiny backpack.

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