Why Do Athletes Like To Choose Sublimation Printed Jerseys?

Sublimation printing is a type of dyeing technique where the ink is applied to the fabric before being heated. When the temperature rises above the melting point of the ink, the ink turns into a gas and then condenses onto the surface of the material. The ink molecules bond to the fibers of the garment and remain permanently bonded after cooling down. Sublimation printing is ideal for clothing since it does not require any chemicals or solvents to remove the dye. In addition, it produces vibrant colors and high-quality prints. Here are some of the top reasons why athletes choose sublimation jerseys.

sublimated volleyball jerseys

Better breathability

When one is working out, he would like to be able to breathe easily without feeling restricted. Wearing sublimation clothing means that wearers can feel less constricted and more comfortable. When you wear sublimation clothing, you are able to stay warmer than if you were wearing regular clothes. In fact, some sublimation garments have been known to provide warmth even at temperatures below freezing.

More comfort

Sublimation is a type of thermal transfer method where heat is transferred directly from air to fabric. This method is commonly used for cold weather sports apparel, including jackets, pants, gloves, hats, and shoes. Sublimation garments are designed to keep athletes warm while maintaining their freedom of movement.

No shrinkage

Unlike many other types of clothing, sublimation garments do not shrink after washing. This means they will not lose their fit over time.

Easy to care for

Sublimated volleyball jerseys do not require any special cleaning methods. Just wash them regularly with soap and water and hang dry.

Less expensive

Sublimation clothing is often cheaper than traditional winter clothing options. You can find great deals on sublimation gear online. Due to its adaptability, dye sublimation printing is growing in popularity. In addition to making fabrics feel softer after printing, the procedure also makes the dresses quite strong.

More durable

Because sublimation clothing is constructed using a special material called polyester, it is much stronger than cotton and other fabrics. This makes it ideal for use in high-stress environments, like those experienced during athletic activities.