5 Interesting Sublimated Flannel Outfit Ideas

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When it’s about casual wardrobe staples, flannels always come in the first place, especially sublimated flannel clothing. Be it the shirts, the crop tops, the dresses, the jackets, or something more personal like the corsets— they are warm, wacky, and simply amazing. A renowned sublimated flannel clothes supplier comes with a gigantic range of cool and trendy bulk sublimated flannel wear.

Interested in getting some exceptional sublimated flannel outfit ideas? Read on.


Got a concert day coming soon? Great! Pair an oversized sleeveless graphic tee with a white, mauve, and check flannel shirt. As for the bottom wear, go for sheer tights or lacy leggings. Make sure that both the graphic tee and your bottom wear are in black! Oh! For the perfect edgy, punk-rock look, add combat boots for sure.

Going vintage

If you want a vintage look with the modern-day printing technique then try the 70s color palette. Partner a pastel yellow base floral print tee with a vermillion orange and black tartan check flannel shirt. Add forest green denim jeans and suede loafers to the mix to give an earthy touch to your appearance.

Streetwear style

For the ideal blend of casual and street-edge, throw on a short red and black check flannel shirt dress along with rough skinny black jeans. Wear a black bag, black beanie, and black ankle-length boots to complete the look.

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A hot look

Recently purchased a new pair of skin-tight ripped jeans? If you want to flaunt it in style then make sure to club it with a blush pink knotted flannel crop top. The tears and holes along with the cropped style create the perfect hot look. Put on your white platform sneakers to give your outfit a bright touch.

Winter babe

What’s most annoying about winters is that the main outfit often gets hidden behind the layers. However, this one is a bit different. Wear a white grey and beige-yellow oversized flannel shirt over a thick white long turtleneck sweater and match them with nude tights. To add more personality to the look, add a soft, comfortable blanket scarf.

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