Why Sublimated Basketball Clothing Is The Perfect Choice for Brand Promotion

Whether you are sponsoring a college basketball match or willing to extend your stock with team uniforms, you must take note of the coming-age sublimation technology that has taken the form of printing to the new level of highs. Apart from bringing out brighter prints and colors, dye-sublimation ink, going to the core of the fabrics, makes the latter more breathable and durable for the wearers. Still wondering why you need sublimated basketball jerseys? Here are more reasons rounded up for you.
Sublimation Clothing

Long lasting prints

Sublimated clothing pieces, when washed and rewashed for a few years, are perfect to withstand harshness of detergents. The images stand a very thin chance of getting faded or cracked.

Brighter colors to trap attention

In sublimation printing process the ink used on the fabric penetrates the core of the latter, allowing moisture and air to pass through. As a result the color that comes out becomes brighter and more prominent to the eyes of the viewers while making for a durable stay.

Striking prints and patterns to move the crowd

What can be a better way to advertise your brand name than with catchy sublimated clothes and accessories, sported by players at a basketball match? So when the audience cheers up for their players, they also notice your sponsored garments and voila, you have done your part for promotion too. For instance, the sublimated socks in stripes of red, blue and black, featuring the logo of your company is not only ideal for you to make name in the industry but the use of proper fabrics also help improve the performance of the players on field.
Sublimation Socks
Nowadays, there are several top rated wholesale manufacturers who customize basketball socks at affordable prices. So tie up with one such reputed online wholesaler and set your eyes on those that go well with your brand. For example the ones in sporty look with zip zap patterns and a combination of bright hues like blue and black are sure to grab the eyeballs.

More breathable and durable

Well, what sets apart digital printing from sublimation one is the breathability and durability that the clothes feature. These are generally made of supreme quality fabrics like a good blend of cotton and synthetic fibres so that they can wick away the accumulated sweat from the players'  body while adding to their high level of performance. These clothes are also appropriate in making the wearer look more attractive to the onlooker. Besides allowing the skin to breathe, it stays durable for long, even after a rough match on the field.