Create a Unique Look for Your Club or School with Sublimated Clothing

Sublimated clothing has become a rage in the garment industry due to the many amazing features it has. Now, with sublimation, you can create unique designs for your club or school. As such, the features of sublimated shirts are just perfect for sportswear. The most important characteristic which these clothes have is moisture management. Unlike cotton, which absorbs sweat and moisture to become heavy, sublimated clothing repels moisture and releases it in the air. This keeps you dry and comfortable despite hot and humid weather conditions.
sublimated clothing
Sublimated Sports Shirts 

Sublimated volleyball jerseys

Volleyball is a high energy sport which requires sportsmen to wear high quality jerseys. Generally, athletes wear tank tops as in sleeveless shirts and shorts for this sport. Sublimated jerseys keeps these players comfortable. These high performance jerseys with moisture wicking properties keeps the players dry, calm and composed as they play high intensity matches. A unique design can be incorporated in these jerseys along with team name and logo. This makes these volleyball jerseys apt for team wear.

Custom sublimated socks

custom sublimated socks
Custom Sublimated Socks
Besides jerseys, players need to wear socks as well. These socks too are made using sublimation as this gives them the special moisture wicking feature which is much needed in sports. Since you tend to sweat immensely in feet and if it gets absorbed by the socks, the socks not only stinks but makes players feel uncomfortable. In such situation, sublimated socks is of great application.

There are many manufacturers who are involved in the making of sublimated clothing. For retailers and store owners, who need sublimated volleyball jerseys in bulk, it is best to get in touch with manufacturers and wholesalers as they can provide you with bulk quantity of these clothes at reasonable prices.