5 Questions to Ask Your Sublimated Jerseys Wholesaler

Sublimated soccer uniforms for soccer are a great hit, and many football players are being found to go for this type of clothing. Sublimation printing ensures better print quality, non fading designs and superior durability for fabric. If you have opened up a clothing store that also sells sporting apparels, it can be a good idea to go for this kind of clothing and keep it in stock to offer to soccer fanatics. Know about 5 important questions that you should ask to your wholesaler supplier before placing an order.

Are you up to date with the latest style trends?

Check the type of jerseys sold by the wholesaler. Make sure that the styles are in keeping with the newest fashion trends, so that consumers do not feel unsatisfied with the fashion quotient of the apparels in your store. These days, sports apparels are not simple black and white stuffs and come in varied styles and designs. It is a good idea to work with a wholesaler that knows the latest trends.
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Do you have strict delivery times?

If you get a major order, you cannot afford to be late and lose out on your customer. With a wholesaler who is strict about the delivery time, you can rest assured that you will not end up with a cancelled order due to any delays. Try to know when your wholesaler ships the order, especially if you are working with an international supplier.

Which brands are the most in-demand ones?

Wholesalers are the “insiders” of the market, and can provide you with information about the top-selling brands in the industry. You can be assured of making more sales with sublimated jerseys from brands which are greater favourites among the consumers.

Do you offer seasonal discounts?

Some wholesalers also offer seasonal discounts along with promotional offers, in order to attract more clients. With such types of rebates, you can lower your purchase expenses by a significant measure – over and above the discounted rate you can get from wholesalers with bulk orders.
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Do you have a return policy?

A return policy is a must, considering the fact that you might need to return at least some of the apparels if you find them in poor quality or damaged in some way. Although most wholesalers have a return policy in place, some do not. Absence of a return policy can be a signal of a dubious supplier, and you should stay away from it.