Sublimation T Shirt Faux Pas No One Should Make

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Sublimation clothes are usually very cool and colorful which is one of the many reasons why they are loved by wearers all over the world. Among all others, it is the range of vibrant t shirts that score over other apparel options like pants, hoodies, tracksuits, caps etc. Somehow, colors just seem to come alive in sublimated t shirts, which is a feeling that not many can resist. However, on many occasions it has been observed that the glee usually fades especially with choosing the wrong bottom wears to match these tees. Here are some of the most common and very easily avoidable faux pas that sublimation lovers tend to make more often than necessary…

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Wear it with like-print sublimated pants

This goes out to men and women alike. Pulling prints with prints may be in trend according to some fashion magazines, let’s just face it that it is a bad idea anyway. When it comes to like-prints (that is the same print on the t shirt as on the bottom wear), it is no fashion at all. It is on the other hand, a desperate call for fashion awakening. People who try to pull such stunts often face miserable results.

Wear them for formal occasions

Sublimated clothing per se is designed for sports or casual wear. Somehow, it does not fit the realm of formal clothing in any way whatsoever. St the most, they can be pulled to parties and that’s it. If you are wearing sublimation t shirts with formal trousers / skirts etc. be assured to raise more eyebrows than you may expect.

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Manufacturing Faux Pas

These are the days when just about anyone can start with sublimation t shirt printing at home. By now everyone knows that these prints are best suited to polyester materials. However, if by any chance a certain enthusiast wishes to get creative and use materials like 100% cotton or even silk for that matter, the results can be abysmal. If you wish to have a proper sublimated tee, basics always work best!