5 (easy) ways to take your sublimation wear collection from blah to awesome

Dye sublimation print is much like a charm; it touches any clothing item and the wear instantly reeks of awesomeness. Today, top manufacturers offer sublimation shirts, hoodies and polo shirts in many appealing varieties, but given customers’ preferences vary so widely in this niche, it is rather essential for bulk buyers to customize their wholesale to make the best of this booming market. 

sublimation polo shirt

Here are 5 easy (and effective) ways to customize your sublimation polo shirt, tees, jackets and more efficiently to make your collection go from blah to awesome. 

Sublimation wears are suppose to be stylish and eye-catchy; don’t deprive them of their original quality. Use different and unique color combinations to quadruple its bold charm.
However, sublimation wears have mass appeal. People, who like to keep their style casual and modest, adore them equally. So don’t neglect them as a whole. Consider their preferences and personalize accordingly. Top sublimation shirts manufacturers also offer blank tees which would be more than suitable for this consumer base. 
Many small businesses, when customizing, just limit themselves to sublimated tees and care less when it comes to personalizing sublimated hoodies and other items. Don’t do this (if!). Design hoodies, jackets, pants, vests and even bra with different colors and patterns. Truth is, customers are bored with the same clich├ęd varieties of wears and they want something new, something fresh.
Of course, Superhero and cartoon graphics are the most popular when it comes to customizing sublimated polo shirt and tees, but don’t just get too hung up on them. Dig in your creative mind and come up with new and unique personalized graphics that your target customers are going to like even better. 
While graphic designs can be a bit risky territory that your target customers may or may not like, using texts are far better option. So when confused while personalizing your wholesale, go with funny, cocky and witty texts. Everyone loves them. 

With these 5 simple ways, you can effectively customize your sublimation shirts, tees, hoodies and bottoms wholesale, turn your collection from blah to awesome and up your sales effortlessly. Now dial a good manufacturer who offers wide and easy personalization option in the first place.