5 Sublimation Items You Must Own

Introduction of sublimation printing has been a blessing to the world of textile. The advantages of using items with sublimated prints are literally infinite ranging from longevity of the purchased products to affordability of the same. Sublimation prints don’t crack or peel and they tend to lock colors in for an indefinite period of time which is a reason good enough to get the most of it when you can. Here is a list of 5 sublimation items that people in the 21st century must own to experience the sheer bliss of it...

Sublimated jackets and jerseys

You can practically live in these options day in and day out and they will still not fade, crack or peel. Considering the fact that sublimation printing in usually carried out in polyester or high quality fabrics of the same family, comfort is always guaranteed. There are at this very moment, hundreds and thousands of styles and designs that are sweeping wearers off their feet whether in the world of sports, academics or even casual clothing for that matter.

Sublimated Swimwear

While it is understandable that winter in on its way and the pool season is bidding a temporary farewell, you can always bear in mind that sublimated swimwear should make it to your wardrobe the coming summer. The strength and durability of these options is unquestionable and they can withstand just about any extend of salt and chlorine without getting damaged or losing its newness.

sublimation swimwear

Sublimation towels

Living in the 21stn century without sublimated towels is as good as saying no to practical lifesavers. Towels with sublimation printing are usually a mix of polyester with materials of the same family like rayon, nylon etc which ensures maintaining absorbency of the towels while offering vibrant prints that can literally last for ages. Sublimation bath towels, hand towels, kitchen towels and even beach towels have gained massive popularity for their quality and utility alike.

Sublimated bags

If you wish to own a bag that is eco-friendly and very high in trend quotient, sublimation options should be your first preference. Whether casual bags and satchels, laptop bags or even duffel bags for that matter, sublimation printing can cater to the cause of longevity through rough and regular usage. If you take a look through the catalogues of motivated providers of sublimated bags, there is no doubt about the fact that you will be tempted to buy one, two or a few of the same.

Sports and compression wear

For those who are high on sports and fitness, getting hold of the best of sublimated compression clothing and sports / fitness wear is a must. The very nature of sublimated prints is such that it does not allow any caking on the surface of the fabric which allows maximum breathability and absorbency in favor of the wearers. At the same time, the wealth of super trendy designs and patterns that are made available by motivated providers these days are practically irresistible.