How to rock a sublimated bomber jacket like a real celebrity?

Going with colorful sublimated jacket is a bold move and few men can really pull off that look decently. However, if you’ve already planned to bring about a change in your appearance and take a forward fashion stance, we’re no one to stop. Just to help you though, here are 5 solid tips to help you rock a vibrant printed jacket like a real celebrity-

Vintage denim pants are your best friends

Blue and a bit distressed denim pants are probably the best and safest option here. They add a rugged flavor to your appearance and can go perfectly well with any variety of sublimated jacket.

Layer with lighter-tone plain T-shirts

AVOID the graphic and striped tees-and also the darker shade varieties. A white, snug-fit tee is a sweet and normal choice. Other light-toned tops are just as good.

Always go with the standard fit

NEVER buy baggy or oversized bomber jacket. It’s the easiest way to induct yourself oh-so-proudly in the ‘fashion fail list’. Go with the standard fitting, something in which you’re most comfortable.

Avoid snapbacks, pick beanies

Snapbacks are the go-to staple for a hippy look. However, you don’t want that! Throw them away (well, not literally!) and pick variety of beanies that complement your sublimated jacket for a boyish charm.

Formal leather boots for a sleek look

Team the overalls with formal leather ankle-length boots for a clean and sleek look. Also, team the shoe with blank sublimated socks for a final touch to your dapper appearance.

Follow these 5 solid styling tips and pull off a sublimated jacket like a true celebrity.