The five products you can create with dye sublimation

Dye sublimation is a process that was first used in 1957 to transfer dye using printers on various materials like plastic, paper and fabric. It uses heat technique to transfer the ink on the product. Gradually, it became pretty popular among the people for it allows you to create your own designs on a wide range of items without much of a hard work. Here is a list of products that you can decorate using this technique.

Phone covers

The process of sublimation allows you to customise rigid products like smartphone covers. From unique prints and patterns to bold slogan or even the picture of your favourite character, you can choose any design with ease. They do not build up on the material used, giving them a neat and smooth finish.

Sports Clothes

sublimated jerseys
T-shirts, pants, handbags, jerseys, baseball caps, and many more! You can apply the procedure of the sublimation on all the fabrics. They have a charm of their own adding to their smart look. The images are permanent and do not fade away even when used regularly. This quality alone has made the dye sublimation popular among the sports fan.


Sublimation flags are essentially made of polyester fabric which helps make the selected image prominent and noticeable. You can design your team flag for the next match effortlessly. The colours used during this technique usually get conveyed brilliantly, giving it a perfect and classy finish.

Ceramic items

How wonderful it would be to gift your near and dear ones personalised ceramic items that can adorn their delicate collection. You can opt for dishes, cups, pet bowls and many more and embellish them. You can further apply the process on your wall and floor tiles, adding brilliance and uniqueness to your d├ęcor.

Plastic materials

To get over a myth, dye sublimation is not limited to fabric. It works really well with products made of plastic and polyvinyl chloride. So if you want to surprise your kid for his or birthday with a pencil box or tiffin box featuring their favourite cartoon characters, then this is the right technique for you. The technique covers the entire surface giving the product a nice and simple look.
So if you are a retailer looking to purchase a bulk of sublimated socks or any of the afore mentioned products then renowned manufacturers have a wide range of items available that come with attractive discounts.