The Sublimated Socks and Shoes Game Can be Stronger With The Easy and Flexible Tips

sublimated socks

Be it the black transparent socks with the thigh high boots, or the printed one with strappy heels, the socks have become one of the most happening accessories for women. They have come a long way from being just a functional item, to something very fashionable. Breaking the rules, they have become one of the biggest trends, as are seen worn by the models fashion runways to the celebs witnessed as the events. No longer tacky, they are extremely chic today, and can be worn to the parties to traveling scenes, or the causal weekend outings.

From the simple sneakers to the sexy heels, it is now time to slip into the sublimated socks that come in a wide array of prints, patterns and motifs. The splash of colors that are used to make the patterned socks come in different hues, and reflect a very vibrant stance.

Here are some of the tips to wear them with different shoes.

The length matters

When you are getting all geared up to buy the printed sublimated socks, make sure they are of long length. The knee high socks expose colors and prints, and help you get the most hip and happening silhouette with any short length outfit.

Go easy as an amateur

If you are an amateur and thinking about how to be daring enough to slip into the printed sublimated socks, you can start with the ones that come with a very easy and safe color combination and pattern. Choose something that comes in neutrals as the base color like black, grey, white or may be cream. They are versatile and not loud to balance your whole attire well.

Polished and not tacky

Go for the subtle and polished looks instead of being too loud and tacky. Just because you are wearing the prints or crazy patterns, doesn’t mean you have to go for the very over the top look. Even if you are going for something bold and edgy, the pair of socks must be in tune with the outfit and the footwear you are wearing.

Play with textures

Apart from the prints and patterns to choose, you can also go for the textures that will complement your outfit and footwear. Experiment with the different textures of socks, such as rib-knit, crochet, sheer, opaque or may be plain cotton and synthetic too. They give you looks that range from laid back to polished and classy.

The printed tights

The sheer tights are another types of socks and the sublimated ones are extremely gorgeous. Wear them with the mini denim skirt or the skater dress or skirt for the most classy and graceful look ever.


The printed and bold sublimated socks must be paired with a subtle and soothing outfit to pull off the contrasting effect. Wear the baseball jerseys wholesale pieces as dresses with the printed socks.