5 Reasons Why Sublimation Made Hoodies so Much Better!

Hoodies have always been a cool kids uniform and everyone was always of the opinion that nothing could possibly make it any better! However, like everything else on this planet, fashion evolved with time and so it did hoodies; it was a good thing though, since it did evolve for the better and became sublimated hoodies. But before going into what makes sublimation hoodies great, let’s take a look at what is sublimation?

It is a dyeing process that imprints the color into the fabric itself rather than doing it on the finished product – which is what printing does! So, now that you have a clear idea of the difference, let’s check out what makes sublimated hoodies so much better than regular ones!

No more unrealistic Colors

The most profound impact that sublimation has had is probably on color effect. Earlier hoodies would lose their charm because of their color design that often wouldn’t match the logos they were trying emulate. But gone are those days of unrealistic color rendition with sublime hoodies. Now, no matter what sports team you support, the color will be as realistic as it is on their honored logos!

Say Bye Bye to Print Cracks

Print cracks were the worst and now with sublimated hoodies from wholesale sublimation clothing suppliers, people can finally say bye bye to that! Your prints on hoodies will now be completely crack free and everything you envision today will remain in the same condition after ages of use – no color fading as well. If that isn’t evolution, then the concept probably doesn’t exist!

More Waterproof Quality

Sublimation can be used to print on waterproof or water resistant garments, thus making it a complete win-win for everybody. No water resistant or proof hoodie that you own from today will ever again have to dull or neutral. You can now enjoy the benefits of style and color – thanks to the advantages of sublimation!

3D Shapes and Characters

Print never allowed 3D shapes, images or characters on garments and no one thought they were missing out on anything, until sublimated hoodies came around with its special abilities and then people started to realize the power of avant-garde style they had always missed. 3D shapes on sublimated hoodies made it an enigmatic combination and some even started owning these because of their love for the design. If you or anyone close to you has ever wondered what it is to have your favorite character or his/ her emblem printed on your hoodie in 3D, then you no longer have to look for the answer. Just visit a retail store that allows customization and see it for yourself!

Lower Prices

In its way to perfect evolution, sublimated hoodies also reduced the costs of embroidery, numbering, and lettering, etc. by no longer needing them. This drastically makes it budget friendly and people can actually get more out of less. In fact, the lower prices have not affected quality it all, it has rather enhanced it. This is the reason why sports teams, and other organizations, like alumni associations, photography clubs, chess clubs, etc. all have opted for sublimation for their jerseys rather than print!

With so many advantages of sublimated hoodies, how can anyone still opt for things that aren’t equally great for a higher price? Everyone who loves hoodies must have sublimation as it is the pinnacle of hoodie fashion. In its constant road to evolution and in due course, hoodies will change further, bringing forth something newer, something better; but till then, sublimated hoodies are the way of the world – the people and fashion alike!