How Sublimation Dye Has Made Towels so Much More Endearing And Fancier!

For every person old enough to have grown up in the 90’s, the earliest memories of towels were rather fluffy, colorful, but indifferent. The same designs would come over and over again, in different color renditions and towels were never really an exciting part of the house in most cases. However, all of that changed and for the better after sublimation dye became a mainstream thing. And that pretty much changed how towels were perceived and designed in this society.

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How did it affect towels?

Sublimation dye started becoming famous and manufacturers started using it on towels, too. This gave modern sublimated towels better designs and more variation to choose from. Epic sceneries and grand designs became a regular thing and soon these towels also started introducing pop culture icons like bands, currencies, national flags, super heroes, anime, and all that sort of things. A sublimated towel was a far cry from its fluffy monochrome predecessor and there are plenty of reasons why it made such an impact on towels in general. Here’s a look -

1.It gave better designs

As discussed above, it gave designs that were far different and varied from the earlier generation of towels. This meant that finally, towels were losing its blandness and becoming something of a personal statement that one could connect to - and that is one of the most major impacts of sublimation dye that changed the towel industry.

2.Better Colors and More Permanent

Since it is one of the accessories that comes in contact with wet surfaces almost all the time, towels earlier used to have color fading effect. People would have to change their towels after a certain period of usage and that is how the whole utility of the item moved forward. Others just opted for light colors that were fade-proof, but over time it would get the same lackluster shape. However, sublimation dye gave colors that were more permanent because of the process and that is what made it such a blessing.

All of these things factored in into making towels more fancier and closer to the customers’ heart and if you have used sublimated towels, then you would know!