Customization Of Sublimation Printing And Dry-Fit t-Shirts

Every year, t-shirt design and printing become more affordable. Because of the thriving market for all types of t-shirts, including personalized ones, it is something that every small company should take advantage of.

Dryfit shirts are mostly used for athletic purposes. That includes conditions where you can sweat, such as participating in a sport or going on walk-in hot weather. However, the ability of dry-fit shirts to dry quickly is what makes them famous. Dryfit tops, also known as fast-dry shirts, are made of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fabrics.

The dry-fit shirts are made entirely of polyester, resulting in a breathable fit. This enables the fabric to absorb moisture efficiently and dry quickly, making the wearer more relaxed during the day. 

What is the distinction between dry-fit and cotton shirts?

Cotton shirts are made entirely of cotton, while dry-fit shirts are made entirely of polyester. Cotton shirts retain moisture much more easily than dry-fit shirts, but they do not dry as quickly as dry-fit shirts.

Printing by sublimation

Several manufacturers use sublimation printing on white dry-fit shirts to personalize and print them. Sublimation printing is suitable for 100% polyester clothing. While other methods of printing on polyester clothing are available, sublimation printing causes the ink to settle into the cloth. This ensures that the dry-fit shirt's print has no additional texture.

Sublimation, in technical terms, is the transformation of solid particles into gas particles. The heat and pressure from the heat press system convert the printed ink into gas during the sublimation printing process. When this occurs, the polyester content absorbs the ink in gas form, forming a printed illustration on the wholesale sublimation t shirts.

Another advantage of sublimation printing is that, unlike screen printing, there is no minimum order quantity. It can also print photorealistic drawings without sacrificing accuracy. However, the greatest feature of this printing process is that it can never break or peel. The sublimation printing will remain unchanged as long as the clothing is in good shape.

Business owners and retailers, if you want to add a whole new collection of blank sublimation t shirts wholesale to their retail store then they need to get in touch with the design team of a manufacturer. Curate an order and mail it to the support team.

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