Things You Need To Know About Designing Socks

Most people have no idea how socks are designed. To be honest, they have never thought about it. Socks are ordinary, common things that simply exist. Why would anyone spend time pondering how socks are made? This is where you will find this guide helpful.

A balance must be struck

Though the knitted medium allows for color and pattern versatility, there are drawbacks and a balance that must be struck. The more complicated and intricate the pattern, the fewer colors that can be used, while a plain pattern can use more colors. An unnecessarily complex pattern will result in missing stitches or yarn tears, all of which influence the overall look and quality of the sock.

The heel break can be difficult

A sock is essentially a tube with a small segment where the pattern ends and a heel sewn in. To prevent a design factor from unintentionally intersecting with the heel, manufacturers must change the pattern around the heel break. A well-designed sock will have a slight and unnoticeable heel split with an otherwise continuous pattern.

Those fuzzy inside parts are essential

If you've ever worn patterned socks, you've also found that some socks are thicker and tighter, while others are thinner and stretchier. When you turn your patterned sock inside out, you'll see the fluffy cut yarn ends on the inside. Socks with a lot of patterns have more knit ends, which is why they're heavier and less stretchy than plain socks.

The stretch struggle exists

Because of how stretch impacts the pattern, any pattern will easily become blurred until socks are on a foot. Those cute cat socks have transformed into hot dog socks, and let's be honest: no one wants hot dog cat socks. If patterns are not designed for stretch, the dimensions of a template may become off-balance, resulting in an unfavorable outcome.

Knitting and printing are not the same

A knitting machine knits colored yarns together in a pattern to make completely knitted socks. Wholesale sublimation socks are created by using a specialized printer to print a pattern on the surface of a polyester sock.

Business owners who wish to add a new range of blank sublimation socks wholesale need to immediately contact a design team of a popular manufacturer.

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