The 3 Most Innovative Sublimated Polo Shirt Designs

Who says that men have got fewer options when it comes to clothing? This can be anything but the truth as with tees, vests, jackets, hoodies, shirts, shorts, trousers, pants, and more— the choices can be endless! A polo shirt is in fact the trendiest clothing item when it comes to men’s fashionable pieces.

When the regular polo shirts alone are available in so many colors, patterns, prints, and designs, then consider the choices that you can get when it comes to the quirky and vivacious sublimated polo shirts!

The cutting-edge sublimation technique allows a lot more visually-appealing images, and complex designs to be printed on the fabric of the polos. In addition, sublimation helps in infusing a variety of eye-popping colors into stylish polo pieces, also bringing contrasting color combinations into view. With each passing day, the demand for sublimated polo tees is increasing as they are fun, durable, smooth, and offer value for money!

The designs of the sublimated polo tees are totally cool and happening. Check out 3 of the most popular ones given below!

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An abstract graphic print

The graphic sublimated black and white polo shirt shows a combination of the most dominant color with the most eye-soothing one. Covering a basic part of this shirt is the supreme jet black, where you get to see the abstract graphic print, depicted with a modern and realistic stance, while a major portion is left blank and simple. This trendy and cool design lends a very unique yet different look to the shirt.

A dart game in flames and lightning

This one will be absolutely loved by the dart game lovers as it displays the classic game in a strangely innovative way. Having black as the base color, this polo shirt has the dart board right in the center, but what makes it different is that it is covered in lightning and flames, with a dart placed right on the target!

The interconnected ships

The third most sold one is an extraordinary sublimated polo shirt that features several ships, but one connected to the other. With white as its base color, this shirt has found a place in many men’s closets.

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