Sublimation Printing V/S Screen Printing: Which Is The Best For Designing Clothing?

In the market, there are two types of printing methods that are mostly used these days—screen printing and sublimation printing. You will often hear about them, especially if you are a clothing business owner. Interested to know about these popular printing methods in detail? Keep on reading the blog.

Screen printing

The process of transferring a stenciled design onto some flat surface with the help of ink, a squeegee, and a mesh screen is known as screen printing.

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Sublimation printing

The method that transfers a design onto fabric or material using heat and ink is called sublimation printing. One of the most famous sublimated clothing manufacturers offers high-quality, innovative bulk sublimated clothing pieces!

So, which is the best?

You can decide easily based on these 3 critical points:

ü  Use of ink

Ink can become splotchy if too much of it is used in screen printing. On the other hand, sublimated prints dry in no time because of the heat press that is used in the printing procedure. In addition, ink can also leak in case of screen printing and show up in some unwanted areas, i.e if the tools used here aren’t cleaned properly before use.

ü  The outcome

If screen printing is not done properly then the results can be very imprecise and a lot messy. Here the colors can not only mix with each other but can also go on top of one another and the outcome will be something that you may not have even imagined. With dye sublimation printing, nothing of this sort will ever happen as detailed prints and vibrant colors can be achieved here, and that too in the finest quality.

ü  The effects on fabric

Screen printing prints more on the surface level of the fabric, whereas, in dye sublimation, the print or the design becomes a very part of the fabric. Thus, when a clothing item produced using screen printing is washed, the design on the fabric cracks and colors bleed too. The sublimated clothing pieces are durable, as the fabric remains soft and stays as it is for a long time, and the color, as well as the print, keeps looking fresh.

Retailers and business owners willing to add some fun and brightness to your clothing collection, make sure you invest in the quirky sublimation clothing wholesale of a reputable sublimation clothing manufacturing unit!

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