Why Sublimation Prints Are Popular Among Buyers?

Sublimation is the direct passage of materials from a solid state to a gaseous one without going through a liquid state. The dye sublimation technique employs sublimation technology. Heat and pressure are given to a solid, causing an endothermic reaction that converts it to a gas without going through the liquid phase. As a result, the ink (dye) solids become gaseous and are absorbed into the cloth or substrate before solidifying again. This process, however, was eventually shown to be diffusion rather than sublimation. 

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The sublimation printing method

This printing method necessitates complex, specialized equipment that precisely gauges and applies gaseous ink to the cloth. After selecting your design, you print it on special paper with a sublimation printer. To transfer the dye onto the cloth, you must use this particular sublimation paper. Using a heat press, the paper is then pushed against the fabric/material with great heat and pressure. The dye is then converted into a gas before being injected into the cloth. The process's high heat opens the pores of the cloth, and the applied pressure cools it down, restoring the dye to its solid state. After the cloth has cooled, the paper is carefully pulled away, leaving the design on the fabric.

T-shirt sublimation printing

T-shirt printing using sublimation is a wonderful option. It makes prints that are extremely durable and can resist some washing. They also appear to be clean and a part of the cloth. They don't appear like stickers in the manner that other printing processes' outputs do.

Fabric with sublimation printing

Despite its advantages, this printing technology is not suitable for cotton t-shirts. It does, however, work well with polyester and polyester blend clothing. Due to their gaseous state, the polymers in this fabric quickly open up when heated. When the cloth cools following the printing process, the dye penetrates via the open pores and becomes trapped within. When applied to cotton, the fabric integrity is compromised, and the picture is not permanent. Nylon, rayon, spandex, and acrylic are among other textiles that may be utilized for this printing procedure. Cotton is frequently incorporated into these t-shirts to provide comfort to the user.

Design for sublimation printing

The design versatility is one of the finest aspects of this type of printing. In the design phase, colors may be blended to create complicated prints. The involvement of a printer allows the design to be produced. This technology allows for the creation of complicated logos and images. As a result, it is suitable not only for wholesale sublimated t-shirtsbut also for other goods. Because the fabric is virtually always synthetic, sportswear is an excellent option for this printing technology.

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