The Secret Behind The Unending Popularity of Sublimation Clothing


When something solid directly turns into a gas without going through the liquid form first, sublimation happens! Sounds weird, right? Well, that’s what this magical printing technique is about!

Dye sublimation or sublimation is basically digitally printing onto specialized paper and then shifting it into the fabric under high pressure and heat. As mentioned earlier, the sublimation takes place when the dye on the specialized paper is shifted to the fabric. The pressure as well as heat change the solid dye into a gas which then gets absorbed into the very core of the fabric.

Once this dye gets effectively embedded inside the fabric, it stays there forever, no matter how roughly the sublimated clothing item is used. It will neither come off, wash away, nor fade.

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Why sublimated clothing is so popular

1)      The dye that is used in the process of sublimation, weighs next to nothing, so there is no difference in the sublimated piece before and after printing. As they are lightweight, you will feel comfortable once you wear them, unlike products that are created using conventional printing techniques.

2)      The best benefit of sublimated clothing is they are available in various designs. These designs are far more interesting than what you find in the case of traditional printing techniques. From detailed abstract prints to 3D prints, tons of designs are available in sublimation clothing.

3)      These days, sustainability is the priority for most people and when it’s about sublimated apparel, you not only get assured that it’s an absolutely eco-friendly printing technique but you also get cool designs, which isn’t seen much in sustainable clothing collections. For those who aren’t aware, sublimation doesn’t have water waste and harmful inks. In fact, the transfer paper used in it is completely recyclable.

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